Ahlam Gharbaoui

CEO of Ahlam Consultancy

Ahlam Gharbaoui born in Rijen, The Netherlands is a Dutch International Businesswoman with Moroccan roots. 

Ms. Ahlam started her career at the age of 18 with a multinational that is the global leader in HR services industry, here she became passionated about business opportunities and entrepreneurship. As a young curious women she then took a position within the Dutch Ministry of Justice as the youngest officer interrogating high profile Arab officials seeking asylum in the Netherlands. This motivated her to go for a study and graduate as a sworn legal interpreter translator Arabic-Dutch and became in that time an important interpreter for diplomatic delegations, ministers and royalties. Ms. Ahlam got in these years also a diploma in Cooperate Insurances and worked for the known Rabo bank in the Netherlands.

At the age of 24 Ms. Ahlam has set up her first company, Averto Tolken an employment and consulting agency with a network of 800 interpreters & translators engaging them in projects for media, governmental institutions, healthcare organizations and ministeries in Europe and North-Africa. Ambitious as she is, she combine this with working as a TV interviewer & program maker for Dutch political current affairs shows.

Also she realised media campagnes and conferences for a European broadcaster in Morocco and lobbied thru her company for the Dutch government in complex dossiers regarding health care in Morocco.

Ms. Ahlam immigrated in 2009 to the United Arab Emirates to work in the diplomatic field as the Commercial and Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for a couple of years where she builded up a VIP network in the Gulf region, she was responsible for Public diplomacy, CSR, the promotion and branding of the Dutch government and Dutch Business development. In 2011 Ms. Ahlam successfully played the role of mediator between the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Ministry of Defense of the United Arab Emirates in relation to a memorandum of understanding.

In 2013 Ms. Ahlam became the General Manager of Farouk systems USA where she had to realise a distribution company “ ANDA International” for beauty products and positioned a new competitor in the GCC market. 

Ms. Ahlam Gharbaoui Bagged a 25 million dollar deal for Skilledin BV from Abu Dhabi Government and she realised World’s largest Oil & Gas vocational educational Center in Abu Dhabi 2016-2022. 

Via her company Ahlam Consultancy Ms. Ahlam is helping western companies with developing their business in the MENA region. Ahlam Consultancy also creates high-end events and concepts for ministeries in the Gulf region. 

Ms. Ahlam Gharbaoui is Nominated in 2022 by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerance of UAE, for a Golden Residency as a recognition for her Business Development, Public Diplomacy talents, and accomplishments of large projects for UAE. 

In 2012 Ms. Ahlam attended California university earning her Master degree in intercultural communication. 

Ahlam Gharbaoui masters Dutch, Arabic, French and English.

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